Thinking Hurts

“Did you ever stop to think, and forget to start again?” - A.A. Milne

I was going to say something of great significance here. . .oh, bother.

The extra hour this morning was nice. . .I have completed the elementary newsletter, popped a tart and enjoyed two cups of coffee and it's just now eight.

Plans for the day include driving the employee to work, encouraging the homeschooler to read the first chapter of "The Outsiders" (Mom, I know it's a book, I can't figure out how to underline here!) and fitting in some promised park time for the baby. I am considering proposing the concept of "Mom's-Life Savings Time" wherein each day will contain an extra hour per child.

I was able to enjoy a little me-time during the game yesterday afternoon (picking the employee up corresponded with halftime, bonus!) and I enjoyed a lovely visit with a new friend. . .despite the burning of the pizza rolls!

Perhaps I should count my blessings: four quarters of me-time was pretty nice. Especially the last minute and a half. . .Geaux Tigers!!

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