Teen Dating

"It shoulda been me
With that real fine chick!" - Ray Charles

In the world of teen dating, learning to survive the breakup is crucial. (Now, when I say "dating," keep in mind that I'm referring to those who have yet to GO on a date. . .we're still in the phone calls and an occasional visit to the house with parents present phase.)

The players change often. . .the one who was calling on Tuesday may not be the same one calling on Friday. Parents should never address the "datee" by name, lest it lead to an embarassing case of mistaken identity.

"What happened to (insert name here)?"

An artful shrug of the shoulders, a wistful smirk of the lips. . ."We broke up."

Rejection of any kind hurts. But they seem to take it in stride, so far. Of course, I've had the same date for twenty years, but some days I can't remember his name, either!

Have fun!


XLR8RJOEY said...

Mom... 19 here, just saying that 15 is a moron and has no business even thinking about the dating game. I mean, there's obviously something wrong if she has a different significant other every few days. Ha ha. Thanks for not talking about my weird style of dating. I love you.
P.S. - Tell 15 that the Puddle Pirates she referred to as "HOT" were probably either married, gay, or had there own 15 year old girlfriends. Ha ha!

Lara said...

Son. . .Mom here, just remember that not so long ago, you were fifteen for a moment. Dad found a set of tickets to the LSU/Alabama game and I STILL can't bring myself to go after what happened the LAST time. :)

If you live in a glass house, do not throw stones.

I love you, too.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only one who has a 15 that dates that way. You know, phone dating and having a different one every other day. But,I have a concern about sexuality. I had to explain to my 15 the difference between having a best friend and being a leisbian. She thought she was bisexual.

Lara said...

Anonymous - don't you think there must be a fine line between two women being really good friends and having a lesbian relationship, anyway? I could see where a fifteen year old girl with a "girl-crush" on her friend might wonder about her sexuality. Glad you're able to talk about it. . .that is so important!!

Plus, there are all the media and fashion messages promoting ambiguous lifestyles. . .no wonder kids get confused!!

At fifteen, there is no reason to "label" yourself. I encourage my kids to step back, evaluate the situation, then give it time and see where it goes.

They never listen, but it is a nice thought!!!!!