SpongeMom-No Pants

"Oh. . .
Who lives in a Pineapple under the sea?
SpongeBob, Square Pants!
Absorbent and yellow and pourous is he!
SpongeBob, Square Pants!" - The Captain (not the one who sings with Tenille, either.)

When I get stressed, I take a bath. There's something about soaking in steamy water up to my neck until I look like an albino prune that either reminds me of my carefree days in-utero or my mother's oft-used analogy about "washing my hands" of my problems. (She tells me when something's really bothering me to literally go wash my hands. . .if nothing else, I'm killing germs.)

I had a disturbing thought as relaxed while doing my SpongeMom-No Pants impersonation: I forgot the PTA Meeting tonight. Oh well, it's not like IIIII'm so popular that my absence would be noticed. Or maybe they're just WAITING for me to slip up. . .

An even more disturbing thought reared its ugly head as I looked around me: I never DID find that bottle of Tilex today.

And finally, the most disturbing thought of all: I left my glass of wine on the kitchen counter!

Ohhhhhkay, bath over.

Glad to know that stress does not affect my ability to prioritize. Once I find the wine, I may go looking for that bottle of Tilex, too. . .

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