Sedation Celebration

"Twenty-twenty-twenty-four hours to go. . . I wanna be sedated!" - The Ramones

Early in the morning -
Beginning with my fret.
Wondering how I'm gonna do it all -
Hope I don't forget!

Get one to her school.
Almost out of gas
When I stop to fill up.
It costs me out the. . .

Can't find the lunch menu.
Guess the baby takes the box.
Now if only I could find her
A matching pair of socks.

Get homeschooler set -
And hope he's self-sufficient -
And I only worry
'Cause his momma isn't!

Money to the banker.
Payroll to the man.
Checks back to the workers -
Get that done by ten.

Kid needs a physical.
Doctor needs some notes.
Cardiologist out of the office -
Nurse offers some hope.

Driving documents around town.
Get it here, take it there.
Is it any wonder
I've got gray streaks in my hair?

Swing back by the house. . .
Homeschooler's rock and roll!
Oldest kid stops in,
Still questioning his goals.

Listen to his ideas,
Pay a bill or two,
Return a couple of calls. . .
That's all I've time to do!

Pick one up from school,
Grab another on the run.
Now, back to the doctor
To get the paper done.

The highlight of my day -
A quick treat at the Sonic.
Half-price happy hour,
Simply choose your tonic!

Then drop the girls at home. . .
Grab the actor and his 'fro.
A nice drive downtown -
To acting class we go!

Back again, what's for dinner?
Feed us, entertain us.
Some kickball in the backyard
Seems to help sustain us.

The teen drives us (crazy)
To pick up some movies.
Then a brownie, now a bath -
Please wash your feet and booty!

We played a game of go-fish.
We watched Ariel and Cinderella.
Got stuff together for tomorrow,
And talked about some fellas.

While I wait for the late pickup
I'm amazed that I have made it!
And in just a few more hours
I can be sedated!

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