The Punsters

"Turn the beat around. . .
Love to hear percussion!" - Gloria Estefan

I should just stop watching the news.

"What kind of person gets into a war with a rock? Geesh!" My son. . .

He comes by it honestly.

I was able to watch the fourth quarter of the LSU/Auburn game Saturday night and caught a glimpse of my brother in his usual seat, wearing his usual jersey, hands propped on knees, willing the spirit of Mike V to save us from doom in the final moments of the game. . .

I sent him a text message to let him know I'd seen him. And that his hat looked goofy on backwards, "Turn your hat around!"

Well, we all know how the game ended (woo hoo!) And my brother's response to my text?

"Love to hear percussion?"

No more Karaoke for you, Beau!

Have fun!

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