What's Going On?

"Oh, you know we've got to find a way
To bring some understanding here today. . .

Tell me, what's going on?" - Marvin Gaye

I'm sure you've all heard by now about the US Attorney who was arrested for soliciting sex with a five year old.

When I read articles in the PNJ, I always get a kick out of reading the comments that follow. In a day and age when we can receive the immediate gratification of telling the World (wide web) what we think, I believe it serves as a portal to the state of the World - people with extreme views abound - and I rarely agree with one poster for too long. . .I think I even recognize a few of our PcolaMoms based on their responses.

One thing I noted was how many people commented that they'd been abused. . .by a trusted family member, friend, coach, pastor, etc. I know we've even talked about it here - some of our PcolaMoms paying their way forward by sharing their negative experiences in a positive way.

What could have been different? We could all have lived our lives in a glass case, I guess.

Their is a fine line between thought and action - this creep admitted online that he'd done this type of thing before - what makes an individual so selfish to satisfy a fantasy they KNOW is wrong at the expense of another individual? (If you really want a creep-out, there is a link in the forums to a report on how the Germans purportedly view sex. I wish I hadn't followed the link and I won't look for it again.)

Another sentiment that really stood out was that some victims said they felt a need to protect their abuser. . .manipulators of all kinds prey on our emotions as a control. I think we've all probably been "controlled" by someone in our lives and can relate to this.

I know I've gone on and on (and on. . .), but does this whole thing just wrack your brain like it does mine? I've never been molested, but I've had a few run-ins with control freaks in my time.

I warn my kids to be wary of people who want to control them - and worry when they wind up in situations where they don't feel in control. Trying to balance this while maintaining concepts like courtesy and respect and trust is difficult, isn't it??

What do y'all think???

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