Now entering the studio, at thirteen, he's an actor, a video-gamer and a homeschooler. . .not a mower or a cleaner, please welcome Yacky!

And our fifteen year-old, her hair is straight, but her attitude is not. . .with a phone in both ears and the computer keys clacking madly, welcome Clacky!

And finally, a nineteen year old with no rules who leaves his parents wondering what he's smoking, it's Cracky!

And your host, The Queen of Rhetoric, Mom!

Okay contestants, our catergories:
"What is your problem?"
"What are you thinking?"
"What's up with that?"
"Why didn't you ________?" (pay that bill, take out the garbage, get off the phone. . . )
"How did you manage that?"
"Are you sure you weren't switched at birth??"

Okay, everyone ready? Now remember, you must answer in the form of a question.

Yacky, you get first choice.

Thanks, I'll take "What's up with that?" for 100, Mom.

Okay, you've had no dirty clothes in the laundry room for four days, what's up with that?

Uhhhhhh, what is. . . the right answer to that question?

Ohhhhh, no, sorry, it was a trick, there IS no right answer to that question!

Okay, Clacky, you're next. . .

Thanks, Mom, I'll take "What are you thinking?" for a hundred.

Okay, "What are you thinking?"

Ummmmm. . .why are you always up in my business?

Nope, wrong again. The correct response is, "Why don't I appreciate my Mommy more?"

How about you, Cracky, choose a catergory. . .

I'll take "What is your problem?" for a thousand.

Sorry, Cracky, I don't have a thousand.

Well, I am your son, can't you just loan me the thousand?

I think you just answered your own question.

Tune in tomorrow for another exciting episode. . .

Doo de doo doo, doo de doo. . .

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