The Grass is Always Greener

"Immediately following birth, every new mother drags from her bed and awkwardly pulls herself up on the pedestal provided for her." - Erma Bombeck

The essential guide for motherhood would be Mrs. Bombeck's "Motherhood, the Second Oldest Profession." Mothers, I would run (screaming) to the library or Barnes and Noble (right after storytime!!) and acquire a copy post-haste.

I had the opportunity to spend some close personal time with some amazing women this past week. And they know who they are.

They reminded me that there are mothers who are doing a bang-up job on their own, with no husband to blame it on (because, that is what I do!) And they have my undying respect and admiration. . .and owe me a lasagna!

They reminded me that friends don't let friends go to Cancun or the airport or the hospital alone. Some are only a phone call away. They even feed your kid lunch and know when it's woo-hoo! time and send their husband to bring you gas on the interstate.

They reminded me of the way I felt as a new mother but a wee few years ago. (There is to be no snickering. . . ) Think of it as nesting, dear, they fly away on your broom before you know it!

They reminded me that you're never too old for a hug from your mommy. Need I say more?

I also learned that my family can, indeed, get along without me. . .AND keep my pedestal all nice and shiny in my absence. Although the adulation that I received in the first ten minutes of returning home was nice. . . actually, I'm still in "Queen Mode," but I did start a load of laundry out of habit.

We moms can be so hard on ourselves sometimes. One thing that often unites us is the thought in the recesses of our minds that somewhere, the grass is greener. My friend Erma, the High Llama of Mama's would say that it is. . . over the septic tank!

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