Fired up for Fall

Click "Play on your 'Earth, Wind and Fire's Greatest Hits' CD now. . . "

Take a shower, do some work? Hmmmm. . . well, work won.

First I raked up a little pine straw off of the front sidewalk. . .wow! That made a real difference. Then I looked at my front porch. . . it looked worse than my living room!!!! I had to do something. . .

I picked up all of the sidewalk chalk, bubble bottles/assorted wands and miscellaneous small stuff and tossed it in an old basket. The bigger stuff, like the big wheel and hula hoop, I set off to one side. . . I think it gives my porch character!

The shoes were gathered and tossed into a small metal pail (a large flower pot also works, or one of those larger wire baskets) and set it to the side of the door.

I pulled all the dead heads off of my poor wittle geraniums and collected the rest of the knick-knacks out of the way. Then I shook out my doormat and swept.

Finally, I rearranged all the gee-gaws, pulled a couple of weeds from the flower bed and danced wildly to "Let's Groove. . ." It's okay, the neighbors already think I am nuts.

It took a total of thirty minutes to turn my neglected frontporch into a stylish dance-floor.

It's a cloudy fall day. . .great for working outside. What can you get out and do in thirty minutes???

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