Feelin' Funky (Like a Big Fat Monkey)

"'Cause you had a bad day. . .
Blahdy blah blah blah. . .
Doo do dee doo. . ."

Ah, I don't know how the song goes. . . or who sings it. . .I'm just having a bad day. . .

Come go with me,
And wallow here in the funk. . .
It's too late to sleep
And too early to slunk.

Don't you wanna go down
To funky town??

How is it that one can spend a lifetime providing for a person, meeting their every need, bailing madly at the rising water in their their little dingy to help them keep it afloat - only to be met with accusations such as,

"Do you always HAVE to be up in the middle of my life?!"


"I don't NEED you guys!"



Now, I didn't necessarily expect a statue to be erected in my honor or anything, but THIS was certainly not where I thought all that "involved parenting" would wind up.

I knew I should have spent more time doing something else for all that it has netted me the glaring looks and nasty words and slammed doors.

This is one "whine" and "cheese" party I could have skipped!

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