There is Water at the Bottom of the Ocean

"And you may ask yourself,
'Well, how did I get here?'" - Talking Heads

It is the last Monday of freedom, two steps to the left of two months ago and all of the big plans. There's no turning back.

I've been unable to talk my social daughters into foregoing tradition and staying home with me. Neither fifteen nor five year old will hear of it.

And what of the thirteen year old who will? Remember Munch's "Scream"???? Yeah, he's enthusiastic allright.

The nineteen year old is juggling classes, work and the volunteer fire department. . .with the Navy ever looming like the promise of all his dreams come true.

Time rolls out to sea in waves and here I am, letting the days go by. . .letting the water hold me down. . .same as it ever was. . .

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