Underneath it All

"You really love me
Underneath it all. . . " - No Doubt

"All right, Mr. DeMille. . .I'm ready for my close up." - Gloria Swanson(Norma Desmond), Sunset Boulevard

"Got teens? I've got three!" Like the scene from the Brady Bunch when Marcia dreams of the football hitting her in the nose OVER and OVER, this line haunts me.

Not because I have teens, or because it's a bad line. It was my line for the Pcola Moms promotional commercial. It was fun to be there, fun to watch Mr. Mom do his thing, fun to joke. . .not so fun to sound like a dork delivering lines or to see what I look like on camera. After some time to reflect, I just hope it turns out okay.

And I hope my lip gloss was poppin'. (It's a teenager song, Mom.)

And I hope my head doesn't look too large.

We finished ahead of schedule, so I improvised a clandestined stop by my friend's house on the way home. We wound up relaxing next to her newly installed pond, nay, tropical oasis. We talked for an hour or so about her vacation and my 40 seconds of fame and the size of my head.

I told her I felt guilty for stopping by.

"For doing something for yourself, you mean? This is our life. It is what it is, my friend."

"And that is WHY you are MY friend."

We can get so wrapped up in the stuff of life that we forget sometimes that we are people underneath it all. I am so absorbed with being "Mom" that I overlook Lara. I know I am in here somewhere!

Maybe I do need to focus a little more on who I am. I'm probably a pretty neat person. I just don't want to get a big head over it.

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