Some "good" questions. . .

"Beeeeee goooooood." - E.T.

How do you define a "good" child?

Does a "good" child sit quietly without speaking, or do they ask lots of questions?

Does a "good" child report a fight to an authority figure, or do they defend themselves?

Does a "good" child only associate with other "good" children, or do they have all kinds of friends?

Do "good" children talk politelty to adults they meet, or do they avoid strangers?

Are "good" kids perfect, or do they make mistakes? Do they learn from their mistakes or repeat them?

Do "good" parents produce "good" children?

Does a "good" parent protect their child from the world, or do they teach them how it works?

Will a "good" parent bail their kid out of a bad situation, or do they let their child find their own way?

Do "good" parents keep a clean house, or do they spend their cleaning time playing "fire fairies" in the back yard?

We should be careful about applying labels to ourselves and our kids - expect your kids to be human beings and allow yourself that same courtesy. Don't be surprised if a "good" kid does something "bad," they're just people who make choices like the rest of us. (Note: the rule usually applies that a child will commit some heinous act within about five minutes of a parent's self-congratulation.)

We all do the best we can and hope that it is "good" enough. As a matter of perspective, I decided to ask my five year old, "Do you think I am a good mommy?"

"You are if you'll color with me." Some people have such lofty expectations!

Have fun!

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