Oh Boy!

I watched the news today - oh boy!

First I had to wade through the national outrage over Paris's release. To be honest, I was just outraged to be hearing about her again!

Next, I got the gory details of not one but two Presidential stomach viruses. GWB is having tummy trouble at the G-8 (and who wouldn't??)and called in sick. Apparently the Senior GB had been ill in the lap of the Japanese Prime Minister several years ago - now there's a film clip I want to see over and over ad nauseum (literally!) - and his son didn't want history to repeat itself. You never think about the President calling in sick.

Then we got down to the Alabama Senatorial Slug-fest. (No wonder kids look up to rappers as role models!) One claims he got smacked for using the D-word, the slugger claims the guy insulted his Momma.

Now, I don't advocate violence, but as a Momma. . .

You know, if you've made it to the floor of the State Senate, don't you think a little dignity and decorum are called for? Will their position and status be cause to smooth it all over, as appears to be the case for Miss Hilton? What message are we sending to our kids?

It's okay to drive drunk repeatedly if you have money.

Don't let NOBODY talk about your MOMMA! (Yeah, I like that one.)

Maybe it should be, "Don't watch the news!"

At least it appears that someone is learning from past mistakes. What can we learn from the President's sour stomach?? Maybe this: "Be prepared because spit happens, even to the leader of the free world."

Oh boy.

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