It's My Party!

I ran across this blip today from Salary.com:

"Waltham, MA, May 2nd, 2007 -- Salary.com, Inc. (NASDAQ: SLRY), a leading provider of on-demand compensation management solutions, announced today the 2007 Mom Salary survey. Based on its survey of more than 40,000 mothers, Salary.com determined that the time mothers spend performing 10 typical job functions would equate to an annual salary of $138,095 for a stay-at-home hom. This is a 3 percent increase over the 2006 salary of $134,121, but still nearly one percentage point below employers' prediction of an average 3.9 precent annual pay increase according to a Salary.com survey. Working Mom's 'at-home' salary is $85,939 in 2007--an increase of only $63 from last year; this is in addition to the salary they earn in the workplace. "

The only logical response was to start a pity party in my head.

Oh, look, Salsa! Someone cue the music - "She works HARD for the money. . ."

So I partied all day, feeling underappreciated and certainly underpaid for the variety of tasks I performed. I had to make an extra trip to the high school with a paper my daughter needed, a visit to the doctor to remove my son's stitches and then the physical therapist for some elbow stretches, a pass through the Sonic drive-thru to insure my five-year-old's momentary happiness, and not one spare second to even THINK about anything I might want to do - this party was turning into a throw-down, complete with a disco ball!

Then he had to go and blow it.

From the mouth of my thirteen year old son as he was getting out of the car this afternoon at acting class:

"Mom, I just wanted to thank you for driving me all over today - you're an awesome mom."

Party pooper! Someone turn out the lights, the party's over.


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Lara said...
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