Won't You Be My Neighbor

"Grant me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
The Courage to change the things I can,
And the Wisdom to know the difference!"

This little gem serves as my mantra. I am still stubborn enough that I want to change everything, occasionally scared to tackle certain issues, and not always smart enough to know when I get in over my head. . .but I'm learning.

For years, I have fretted over traffic issues in my neighborhood. We are blessed with a variety of lovely parks, wide avenues, nice schools - but we are also a cut-through between major arteries and that has contributed to a dangerous situation for children and pedestrians.

I've tried writing letters to the Editor of the PNJ. I've put signs in my yard. I've stood outside and waved at people to slow down. Nothing seems to have helped. I've watched the situation deteriorate over the twelve years I've lived here to the point where even the flashing lights of the school zone and the presence of kids walking to school or riding bikes to the park are not enough to inspire some drivers to decrease their speed through the neighborhood.

My latest "rant" involved writing a letter to the Mayor and members of the City Council. Mayor Wiggins and Councilwoman Pratt encouraged me to contact the city's Community Development Department and tonight, we're holding an organizational meeting to look into forming a Neighborhood Association. This will enable us to secure matching grants that we can use toward making improvements in our neighborhood.

Who knew?? (Well, I guess the Mayor. . .and the City Council. . .)

For more information on establishing your own neighborhood association, contact the City of Pensacola Community Development at 436-5655.

I know that my teens roll their eyes sometimes when they see Mom embarking upon another matter of contention. I've won some and lost some over the years, but I hope I've shown them that sitting around griping about a problem doesn't accomplish anything.

Although, they DO get tired of hearing me gripe about the condition of their bedrooms. . .sometimes enough so that they actually clean them!

Have fun!

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