Lazy Parenting

Last night, I was in bed reading when Halfway Between stuck his head in the door.

"'Night Mom, 'night Dad. . ."

"Love you, Son!" I replied.

"ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ. . ." my husband injected thoughtfully.

A chapter later, I realized that the Edge had yet to drop in for smoochage. I was all warm and comfortable, so I didn't really want to get up. Hubbalicious was snoozing blissfully, and I didn't want to wake him by hollering for her. I picked up my cell phone.

"Come tell me goodnight! XOXO" I texted, knowing that was the most direct route.

Her smiling face popped in the door seconds later. "Really, Mom?"

If only cell phones could wash clothes and cook dinner, Mothers would never have to leave their beds!

Have fun!

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MOMSWEB said...

SMART Parenting (LOL).