Aren't You Missing a Year, Here??

When Pcolamoms.com changed to Pensacola.Momslikeme.com in March of 08, the technical guys said, "Eh, just start posting your stuff at the News Journal website."

They had no respect for my "body of work" - and the early contents of this blog hung in editing limbo for quite some time.

I have FINALLY figured out how to make these old posts magically reappear. It's amazing to me to see how many things have changed during the time between March of 08 and July of 09. . .and how many things are still the same (yes, L, I still hide out in the closet!)

If you're following along without a program, "Hey Nineteen" went "Double Decades" and is now "Black Jack" because he is 21. "Fifteen for a Moment" suffered her stint as "Sweet Sixteen" and now resides on "The Edge of Seventeen." "The Fourteener" rests "Halfway Between (10 & 20)". . .and that baby "Sixshooter" has elevated her status to "7th Heaven."

So, dear reader, if you happen to be looking for the stuff in-between, check out PNJ.com and locate me in the blog section under "Staff/Reader Blogs."

I realize there's a little jumping around involved to catch up, but it never stopped Paul Harvey from finding "the rest of the story. . ."

Have fun!


Moms Fighting Fat said...

Thank you for the update. :-)

MOMSWEB said...

Thanks for the update, Lara.