Rock On!

"Our love is like a ship on the ocean -
We've been sailing with a cargo full of love and devotion. . .

Don't rock the boat, baby!" - Hues Corporation

I remember days last summer when the Gulf looked like a swimming pool - completely flat, brilliant blue. And others, when its waters churned gray-green and the white-capped waves crashed angrily on the shore.

Same Gulf, different days.

Does that mean that I'll never skim across at the behest of my little Johnson again? Nope. It just means that some days are better than others.

Such is the way with teenagers. Today's tempest is tomorrow's smooth ride. Just remember that when you are feeling the tickle of the fringe at the end of your rope.

And, just in case, always keep your flotation device handy. Even when it appears to be smooth sailing ahead, there's always a chance that someone's gonna rock the boat!

C'mon summer! Have fun!

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