Will Work for Laughs

"The busy have no time for tears." - Lord Byron

Having denied myself the luxury of a meltdown, I find my life to be a cure for itself.

This weekend promises to be a mad frenzy of teenage birthday parties, the Military Ball (unfortunately hair-do's and acrylic nails are not government issue!), and getting the five year-old to see a short-lined Santa before she busts.

When I spoke with Mom earlier today, she said she'd been taking care of business. My sister and I discussed the wisdom in staying busy a few minutes ago. She's going back to work tomorrow. I am up to my eyeballs in laundry and Christmas - and I had a lovely high-priority lunch with the kindergarten class today. Laying around crying doesn't do anyone any good, at least that's what we keep telling ourselves. . .actually it's more like our Dad's voice in our heads keeps telling us!

Speaking of hard workers, I have to give a big "way-to-go" to Hey Nineteen. Not only did he step up to the plate this past weekend between fixing his Grandma's garden, supporting his Aunt and entertaining his nephew, but he received a call from his chief telling him he was his Volunteer Fire Station's "Rookie of the Year." A subesequent text message jokingly advised him of a second award, "Pain in the A- of the Year."

I think that one makes me the most proud. . .We strive for perfection in this household. If you're going to be something, always be the best at it!

Stay busy. . .and have fun!

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