Making Plans

Jeff Foxworthy proclaimed his hunting experience to be "More fun'n runnin' nekkid through a state park!"

As we enjoyed our "date" over coffee and the VS outdoor shows, my husband and I pondered our plans for New Year's Eve.

"So, " he asked, "whatcha wanna do?"

"Running nekkid through a state park sounds good to me!"

Since the kids have grown into teenagers, our ability to just pack up and run off to the woods has steadily diminished. Now we have to negotiate work and school schedules, extracurricular activities and that most powerful deterrent to good ole' family time - friends.

"We can do that." He said, excitedly.

"No, we can't. Two have to work, one has lessons to finish, one THINKS she is going to a party, another has plans with his friends. . .dude, we're suffering from 'Nudus precludus.' "

The days of chunking stuff into the pop-up camper and heading to Krul Lake or Big Lagoon or points beyond have fallen victim to the teenage commitment. I can hear them now, "MOM! I don't want to spend New Year's Eve in the middle of NOWHERE! With my PARENTS!" The horror.

I can remember the days when they were 6,2 and new, times when I commented aloud, "I just wish they weren't always ON me!" As I type this, my five y/o is happily hanging on to my arm and doing some sort of floppy dance. . .but she's awfully warm. . .and I DO have a backspace button and spell-check. . .

I guess wisdom comes with age and experience. And my computer comes with a backspace button and spell-check. And chiggers come with running nekkid through the woods.

Have fun!

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