On the Mono-Rails (Crazy Train!)

"Crazy, but that's how it goes." - Ozzy. . .again. . .

Yep, that about sums it all up.

If there is one consistent bit of advice that I have picked up in my thirty-nine years, it is this: when you feel the urge to seize the moment, do it.

I have never regretted last-minute, impulsive trips. . .surprising my Grandma on her 90th Birthday, then going to see her a week before she died.

Visiting my other grandparents in Arkansas that Christmas that it snowed.

Driving from Houston to Pensacola with three small kids by myself to make my Dad's surprise 50th.

Flying to Houston when my Step-Dad had a heart-attack in September.

And snatching up my children and driving them to Orlando this weekend. All my last-minute crazy decisions. "C'mon! Let's just go!" Crazy isn't always a bad thing.

Have fun!


Teresa Zwierzchowski said...

No, but have I mentioned - YOU'RE INSANE!!!!

Lara said...

I prefer "eccentric". . .thank you very much!