"These are the good old days. . ." - Carly Simon

(Author's note: I know this is the Teen Talk Blog, but let's be honest, where are YOUR teens before noon on Fall Break???? Not much fun to read about people sleeping, is it?)

"Mommy. . ." The sweet sleepy groan came from the Hello Kitty Suite.

"You don't have to get up, sweetie. . .no school today!"

"Yes I do. . .I have to get my clothes on so Daddy can take me to the park!"

"Okay, baby, but its still only 6:45. . .Dad's taking you at lunch. You have a while to go!"

She looked so sweet, propped like an accessory in the afterglow of our pre-Thanksgiving bedroom clean-O-rama. She was wearing matching pajamas because we'd found both pieces. The day after the cleaning frenzy. . . I just look forward to waking up, don't you?

There must be some bodily function that kicks in the cleaning juice. . .I started at eight Sunday morning and didn't stop until eight Sunday night. . .I sorted the Barbie toothpaste tube from the hairbows from the broken crayons. I rescued and restored the life-sized baby doll with panty liners stuck to it's head. I found eight tiny pink and white pieces that did not match EACH OTHER, but had matches waiting for them in the "Basket of Misfit Socks."

I carried out two full trash bags and two full bags of yard-sale-I-can-DO-this!/store-in- the-garage-for-six-months/rescue-mission-if-we-get-lucky stuff.

I was relentless. . .and once I got finished in her room, I hit my OWN closet. I actually let my "Midvale School for the Gifted" t-shirt (you know, the Far-side cartoon where the kid is pushing on the door and the sign says "pull"??) fly merrily into the trash, too tattered to be "rescued."

So this morning, after a few moments alone in my closet dancing in unabashed revelry, I decided to get my blog in so that I can get on with my busy day. (The bathrooms are a-callin'! Potty-on, dude!)

I plopped the baby in front of Sponge Bob for an uninterrupted moment

(Yes, I DO that sometimes! Give me a break!)

Sure I feel a little guilty about it.

If it makes us all feel a little better, Karma is kicking my butt as I type.

"Hey Mommy! I want that. . .see?. . .Look! MOMOMOMOMOM! See, it's the Princess Tea Set! OOOOOOOH! LOOK, MOMMY, this baby doll burps and EEEEW! It pees. . . MOM, I want THAT! THE DISNEY TALKING CASH-REGISTER! MOOOOOM! OOOH, I can't wait for Christmas!!!"

I haven't cleaned. . .I've just made room for the new inventory. And now, the soundtrack for our next few weeks, ladies. . .

"Anticipation, anticipay-yay-tion!
Is makin' me late. . .
Is keepin' me wai-yay-yaiting. . ."

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