Do You Kiss Your Momma With that Cowboy Mouth?

"I got no reason for the things I say,
She turned toward me then she turned away.
There's lots of forces in a modern world
That take their toll upon a modern girl. . .

When the world keeps coming down on me
I let it go." - Cowboy Mouth

I've been thinking about my parents this morning. It is so nice to recognize that they have always been human beings just doing the best they can. . .

Which is how I see myself, and how my own kids will (hopefully) see me in twenty years. But, dang, I gotta wait twenty years!?

Why on Earth would a teenager think that their parents want anything but the best for them? But they do. . .in their minds, we exist as some weird combination of Charlie Brown's teacher, Mr. Vernon from the Breakfast Club , and Atilla the Hun. "Mwa mwa mwa mwa mwa mwa."

Today I wear the awkward hat of style cramper, the Mean Mother(of Doom!), a tired but determined woman who, when the world comes crashing down on her, doesn't let it go, she cleans it up!

Rock on, Moms!

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