Blame it on the Rain

"Now that it's raining more than ever,
Know that we still have each other.
You can stand under my Umbrella. . .
(Ella ella eh eh eh)." - Rhianna

"Blame it on the rain that was softly fallin'.
Blame it on the stars that shined that night." - Milli Vanilli

I went in to Wal Mart the other day for Tide, milk and pickles. . . so naturally I bought an umbrella. A HUGE umbrella. A circus could perform under my umbrella!

I feel justified in my purchase this morning. . .I don't think it has let up for the last three hours. Yeah, I was up that early. . .actually, I couldn't get back to sleep after the brave little boy called my house at 12:45. On the upside, it is a relief that is all the phone call was at 12:45 - those are usually never good. So I lay there and thought about what ELSE it COULD have been. Naturally.

Anyway, the umbrella came in handy this morning. My kindergartener and I each held on, our hands touching, singing "under my umbrella, ella, ella. . ." She knew all the words - I didn't - too much time hanging out with Fifteen for a Moment. That is a sweet thought, though.

It also reminds me of her oldest brother, Hey Nineteen. When he was all fat belly and tiny biker shorts (I actually thought Motherhood was a breeze because he potty-trained early!) and thought the Milli Vanilli song was about his daddy. . ."they say Daddy's name, Mommy! Bame it on tars that Sean Mat-night."

Or of one of my favorite pictures - my three oldest in their raincoats and rubber boots after a romp in a Texas-sized summer shower. They twirled through puddles while I sang, "Singin' in the rain!" and we giggled until our sides hurt. That had to have been twelve years ago!

Sure, it's easy to see the rain as a damper . . .a nuissance. But it's more fun to sing along to it's beat under your umbrella, ella, ella. . .

Have fun!

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