Well I Feel Sheepish. . .

"I'm having trouble trying to sleep.
I'm counting sheep, but running out. . . " - Green Day

"Move along there. . .ya. . . big buttheads!" - Babe (The sheep-herding pig)

Why is it that those after-midnight ponderings are significantly less urgent in the daylight hours?

My five year old was bouncing on me, announcing "IT'S TODAY! WAKE UP!" It seems only moments after I got to "3000" (Although I may have drifted off somewhere in the two thousands, but I definitely remember counting sheep number "1776") Yeah, it was "baaaaaaaah"d last night. Where's Babe when you need him?

Fourteen years ago, I was the youngest mom at kindergarten orientation. Today I'll be among the older moms. Yesterday my older daughter picked up her high school schedule, but still has a few glitches to discuss with her counselor tomorrow. We've completed most of our virtual school welcome calls for "Speedy Morning Can Man - the Thirteen Year Old Garbage Truck Challenger." You go, boy!!!

We have crayons and glue, new clothes (although the skinny jeans didn't pan out!), and have been rising at the crack of eight all week. A few odds and ends here and there today should wrap it all up.

We are ready for school.

But life goes on AROUND school, too. And for life, I am not so well-prepared.

For instance, I have a broken lawnmower, a late-arriving part, a couple of hurricanes blowing around, a busy husband, tall grass and thirty five relatives coming to town this weekend. (Didn't we have a swingset in the back yard??)

I keep reminding myself to relax. . . breathe. . . these people have known me my whole life, the grass won't surprise them. And I am SOOOOO excited to see my family. I have a generator and a freezer full of food. And with my husband being self-employed, busy is always a good thing! Okay, I'm back.

I wonder if I'll have time to squeeze in a nap, too. Let's look at the calendar. . . YES! There may be a free moment in September. . . of 2020. . .

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