A Shack in the Woods

"You Mother, get up
Come on, get down with the sickness. . ." - Disturbed

"I live way back in the woods, you see. . .
My woman and my kids and my dog and me.

Country folks can survive!" - Hank Jr.

Ooooooh, wa ah ah ah ah!

Does it feel some days that your world is bathed in a sickness? That reason and common sense have taken flight as the wave of despair washes over us.

Is this what Lot felt like the day before he packed up and got outta Sodom?

This week, a sixteen year old brought a DAMN GUN to my daughter's school. (Sorry, that is infuriating beyond measure!) She claims she'd seen this kid (who is not enrolled at the school and has a criminal record, according to the PNJ) in one of her classrooms the day before telling a teacher that he was "shadowing" a student. He was that close to my daughter!!!!

Some guy is riding around my neighborhood pleasuring himself, according to one of our Pcola Moms.

There are no adults to provide safe crossing for the elementary school kids anymore (someone I elected to represent me voted on it, I think, but they never asked me what I thought about it. .. ) and the schools biggest concern is keeping the parents from holding a conversation with their child's teacher unless they have an "appointment."

Another Pcola Mom can't allow her child to go to the bathroom alone at the ballpark without a bunch of older kids wanting to "watch."

Society calls the people who seperate themselves from the masses "weirdos" and "radical extremeists" - and I suppose that is true in some cases. But that shack in the woods is looking mighty good today. . .

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