It's All in the Genes

"I'm too sexy for my shirt. . . " - Right Said Fred

According to Seventeen Magazine, the "skinny jean" is all the rage this year.

First, they ripped us out of our high-waisted, baggie peg-legs (what Oprah calls the "ice-cream-cone" look) and put us into roomy boot-cuts. Finally, we could be fashionable through the thighs, but we flopped over the top of the low-rise!

And now, oh insult of insults, they're gonna bring back the skinny jean?

As badly as this fashion trend bodes for me, for whom "skinny" is not an option, it is worse for my husband.

"Look, Daddy, we're going to look for a pair like these. . . " my fifteen year-old pointed to the picture in her magazine.

He looked at the picture, then up at her expectant gaze, then at me. . .and just shook his head in defeat.

He knows there is no use even arguing. . . hard-headedness is in the genes! Even the skinny ones. . .

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