I'm a Strong Woman!

"The Love Shack is a little ole' place where
We can get together. . .Love Shack, Babeeeee" - The B-52's

"Sometimes, when I'm really nervous, I stick my hands in my armpits and then smell I them, like this. . ." Mary Katherine Gallagher (Saturday Night Live)

The morning after the storm finds the neighborhood splashed in gold. Crepe Myrtle blossoms are scattered about the landscape in a juxtaposed confetti of vibrant fuscia and calming lavender. A surprisingly cool breeze gently lifts the hair sticking out from under my ballcap (yep, it's Monday, no shower!) and the B-52's are serenading me while I bop in my GMC that's as big as a whale. . .and seats about twenty . . .so bring your juke box money!

I have just delivered my charge for another day of drama, er, high school and I am feeling a little guilty for wondering if she is a good person, or a great storyteller. . .

Of course, there had to be consequences. And I have to stick to them, no cell phone for a week. Even if it is not convenient for me to not be able to reach her after school. Even if MAAAAYBE she had a good reason for being on the phone at 2 AM. Even if my imagination is running wild and I envision her, hair smoldering, face smudged, clothing tattered - on the evening news, "If only I would have had my cell phone, I could have saved them all!!!!"

Some days being a mom just SUCKS. Okay, not the whole day - there are so many good moments to be found in any day. But the grey gloom is settling in on my Monday, perpetuating my peemessity (Don't bother looking that up, Mom, I just created it myself!)

So, I reckon I'll go light some good smelly candles, pour another cup a' joe, recite my mantra, ("You are a strong woman. You can do this!" - and NOT just because I didn't have time to shower!!) So, here goes, guys. A whiff of the pits, a few King Kong beats to the chest for good measure, and I am ready. . . "NEXT!"

Have fun!

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