High School Drama-rama!

"Oooh it feels so good
When you let go of all the drama in your life.
Now you're free from all the pain,
Free from all the game,
Free from all the stress,
So try for happiness.

I don't know -
Only God knows where the story ends, for me.
But I know where the story begins. . .
Its up to us to choose
Whether we win or loose
And I choose to win!" - Mary J. Blige

Why is High School so High Drama?

Apparently there is some bad chemistry between my daughter and a friend of a friend and that has resulted in an all-out side-taking verbal smack-down.

"I told her we were in high school and that she should leave the drama in Middle School," my daughter explained. "But she went to my friends and told them a bunch of lies about me and now they all hate me."

"Well, if that's the case, then maybe they weren't really your friends to begin with. . ." Ouch. I can remember how it hurt when the same sort of things happened to me. . .but I was an adult at the time. It was upsetting to hear that my "friends" talked about me behind my back. . . and I wondered why my other "friends" didn't stand up for me.

I would hope that the people who really are her friends would offer her the same advice that I have, "Just let it roll off your back." Of course, that is easier to tell someone else to do than to do it yourself.

It is never easy to take the high road in high school (or afterward), to leave the Drama Queens to their game and go on about your business. It's up to each of us to choose whether we win or lose - I offer to my daughter that sometimes you "win" by just being true to who you are.

Hang in there, pal!


NS said...

this MUST be some sort of 9th grade rite of passage for girls (note that boys don't backstab and spread rumors in such a destructive manner!). when i was a freshman - and the new kid, mind you- the SAME thing happened to me, and of course my mom said i didn't need them and they weren't my friends. of course she (and you) were right. for me, it change my outlook on friends, and it changed the course of my high school 'career', but we are all stronger for it, and your daughter will be too. If there is one thing i wish i could change, i wish i had the spine to talk back to the 'ill-wishers'. I was too insecure and submissive. Hope your daugther at least stands up for herself. She probably will if she's as strong as you!

Lara said...

Unfortunately, Naina, it is harder to see the forest when you've got the trees all up in your face!

But we've all been there and we've all survived to tell our kids that they'll survive. . .

That's the hardest thing about being a parent, sometimes you have to sit back and just let things run their course!