Ain't It Funny??

"Gee, ain't it funny how time slips away?" - Willie Nelson

"Lara, it all just went by so fast." After ninety-one years, four daughters, two marriages, and uncountable lives she had loved and touched, that's how my Grandma summed it all up.

It's the best gift she ever gave me.

This past week marked the third anniversary of her death. But she talks to me every day. I get caught up in tackling my "to do" list, meeting deadlines, organizing activities and schedules, and I can feel her hand on my shoulder - reminding me to call someone I haven't talked to in a while, to sit down and play a game, that sometimes the laundry can wait. . .

With the start of school only a few weeks away, I feel like I am leaving fingernail trails in the very fabric of time. My youngest daughter will be starting kindergarten, my oldest son continues with college and work, another girl begins her sophomore year of high school and another boy his last year of middle school.

"It all just went by so fast."

Think about that when your wheels are spinning and your mind is spread-out like a rubber band about to break and you start looking forward to bed/Sunday/your next vacation. . .and STOP!


And consider your moment. Kipling talked about filling your unforgiving minutes with sixty seconds' worth of distance run. . .but what about all of those "forgiving" moments? What are you filling those with?

I think I may have filled too many of mine with stuff that was not important ten years (ten minutes) later. So, as summer winds down, my goal is to fill my moments with a recognition of their value. I can't slow them down, but I can try to appreciate them.

The odds are stacked against me. "Hurry up, Mom! It's time to go!!!"

Ain't it funny?

Thanks, Grandma.

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