Rock of Ages

"Just say you need it
And if you need it say
Yeah! Say Yeah!" - Def Leppard, "Rock of Ages"

That line doesn't have anything to do with the post, I was just thinking about rocks and got it stuck in my head. This may be one of the lamest, and yet strangely most defining, lyrics in rock and roll music, my friends.

So why rocks? Every time I make mention of laundry, my husband responds with one of the lamest, yet strangely most defining, replies in our marriage:

"At least you don't have to wash them on a rock by the river."

I can feel the collective eye-roll. In his defense, he helps me with the laundry (but he folds the towels funny! : ) It's one of those silly married-a-while-jokes that couples have.

(My great grandmother used to nod toward my great grandfather and say, "To think I married THAT!")

If I'm of a humor to return the volley, I'll pretend to hike up my pants and do my Chris Farley (from an old Saturday night live skit), "At least. . . you don't have to wash them. . . . on a ROCK down by the RIVER!!"

I guess I should be thankful for modern conveniences like a dishwasher, hair dryer, margarita machine. . . but there are some that have certainly made things more complicated. Like my computer - I spend more time trying to figure out what is wrong with it than I do using it! Or my cell phone, which rang seven times while I was in Winn Dixie yesterday morning. And now, I can get a phone with an computer in it! Never be disconnected again.

I'd probably wind up smashing it on a rock down by the river anyway. . .

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