Behind the Music. . .

As I sit here at my computer, typing, my back covered in red heart stickers and green stickie notes (my five year old is not lighting fire to anything at the moment - I do what I can!) I am trying to meld the moments of my motherhood into something worth reading.

And I just can't do it.

She is chanting something in a high falsetto and giggling. . .honk honk, yes, that is my nose.

"Now I'll put one on your foooooooreeeeeeeheaaaaaaad! You look like the Heart Fairy."

I really wanted to take a shower today - I am sure the gang around here would appreciate it. "Baby, I am going to get a shower. Please get those off my back. . . "

OW! She rips one off of my nose.

"Ha, ha, Mom, now you look like the Heart Fairy of Doom! Here's your sword, Your Majesty. . . " she hands me a plastic ruler, then continues to rip the surprisingly adhesive hearts from places I didn't realize I had hair!

I hope that this behind-the-scenes view of my blog-writing gives you a better perspective of the sheer effort it takes some days to get it all in. . . as for the stuff she's put down the back of my shirt, now I have to go get it all out. . .

No, my arms do NOT go "doing!" when you do that!!!! Helllpppppppp meeeeeee!!!!!


NS said...

oh lara, your post is SO the way it is for me. Of course I don't have four, and mine is only 20 montsh, but i feel so ADHD when i'm trying to get anything done, but ESPECIALLY computer time. He's usually going through the desk drawers, trying to type, climing behind me in the office chair and playing peekaboo with my hair... it never ends. I love that you 'get it'. =)

Lara said...

Enjoy it. . .soon enough they will find you "boring" and "old."

Although, my fifteen year old will still climb into my lap every now and again. . . but then I am unable to breathe!!!